Hello and welcome to the second season of nap! The new season brings new exploration albeit much more slowly this year due to life events that demand their own time. My mother passed away in the winter. She was an artist and teacher. She enthusiastically encouraged my early years of sewing and my further education and practice in design and artistic pursuits.


In her last few years we lived in close proximity so the experience has been all the more startling. I believe that this affects one’s approach to their work though what exactly that means for my own will take time to reveal itself. My first work since her passing has taken on a more ethereal quality. I have been drawn to lighter weight fabric and to letting the needle be my guide via slow stitching which includes aspects of embroidery, appliqué, and more freeform design overall. Slow stitching may take time but it is particularly satisfying and feels entirely worthy of every stitch, especially now. 


Provincetown is surrounded by nature; the sea and sky and sand are omnipresent. I spend time out and about and make my observations. I believe this is guiding my work stylistically; being in nature and taking in the ever-changing landscape. It is an incredible sensory experience. My current work seems to be reflective of this even if the result is but a sliver.


Thank you for visiting and as always, sweet dreams.



this from a friend:   " ... the babies who sleep under them will grow up with an image of the colors and patterns of their quilts. So when they are adults, they will be able to close their eyes, see the quilt and relax. It's what the psychologists call a 'transitional object' —  something that lets us toggle between the here and the hence; the now and the when."  -- AW, 2017


hello and welcome!  i live, work and snooze in provincetown at the very tip of coastal cape cod

where, as one might expect, our most manifest topic, the weather, comes in every extreme

from startlingly sunny skies, to drenching nor'east bluster, to soft foggy stretches of thoroughly

washed out color in every direction. all conducive to making quilts inspired by this ever

shifting palette. 


inspiration for color and pattern combinations materialize as well via memories: nostalgic

references to the everyday textiles of my grandmother's home; or to mid century

furnishings aided by the serendipitous finding of a few swatches a la mode; the hyper-bright

colors of a candy shop; the rugged mood of a camping excursion; and there is always the

ever-present inspiration of other artists... these days, morandi and klee, among others, but also,

and not least, the humble yet visionary heritage of the ladies, and men, who express(ed) their

creative impulse through the crafting of domestic items of necessity. 


patchwork --- piecing together color and pattern --- and slow but satisfying hand stitching,

keep me focused on the work i love: the joy of handling fabric and the creation of something

that is the only one of its kind in all the universe. this magical delight remains as astonishing

to me now, as it did when i was younger, up nights, sewing my own one of its kind wardrobe

till 3am. if only i could rummage through the remnant pile from those days!


now i will take remnants from anywhere. and when i am not sifting through salvaged clothing,

precious purchased yardage, and bewildering mounds of scraps; when i am not stitching,

stitching, stitching, i can surely be lured into a snippet of one of life's other necessities: a nap. 

a healthy pursuit that i hope to further encourage among kids of all ages, newborn to

ninety-nine. thus, the name of my company. nap.


contact me via napprovincetown@gmail.com for pricing and purchase.


thank you and sweet dreams!

julie simms



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