Julie Simms, quilter and owner of Nap. Photo by David Drake.

Julie Simms, quilter and owner of Nap. Photo by David Drake.

… to sleep is an act of faith
— Barbara Grizutti Harrison

Quilts and naps. That is what Nap is about. Find your hammock, couch, patch of grass, sand, sun, shade. Find your source of rest and contentment. Grab a favorite old blanket. Or find a new quilt here that might become your new old favorite.  

I make quilts. That is where my creative energy finds its expression. It was foretold from my youth when I first learned to sew and found an enduring love of handling fabric. It grew in the muscle memory, in the bones. But it took a long time to realize that hand stitching across a vast plane of fabric is a worthy pursuit in a world of speed and immediacy.

I love being a maker, working patch by patch, strip by strip, stitch by stitch; slowly building up a surface of fabric, scraps, color, pattern and intuitive sensations. Securing it all together with needle and thread. Ever so slowly making something that is unique in all the universe.

Nap is about quilts and naps; for children and elders and everyone in between seeking moments of rest. And dreams. Everyone deserves to be surrounded with warmth and security, everyone… sweet dreams.  

— Julie Simms, January 2019